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  1. Format for this program: Coaches, comment using the template below. Students, reply to or DM the coach of your choice with your skill level and preferred method of contact.

    This thread is intended for players who want to seek help on improving their game and those who want to help mentor players. All coaching must be free. This post will be pinned for the 1st week of every month. If you have any feedback, criticisms, or are having an issue with your coach/student, do not hesitate to message /u/BrianDynasty, who started this program and continues to monitor it.

    Coaches, please use the format below:

    Online username:


    Willing to teach:


    Method of communication:

    The following is an example:

    Online username: CSU_Dynasty (for both Lichess

  2. Official Website

    Follow the games here: | Chessbomb is excited to announce the 2022 Speed Chess Championship, beginning in late November. World #1 GM Magnus Carlsen returns to an absolutely star-studded 16-player field that also includes four-time Speed Chess Champion GM Hikaru Nakamura. As the Speed Chess Championship enters its sixth year, we see the strongest and most exciting lineup yet. 15 of the players will be looking to break Nakamura's ongoing run of dominance. Since Carlsen won the inaugural 2017 edition, Nakamura has claimed the last four from 2018-21. The field will play for a total prize fund of $100,000 and the world's most prestigious online speed chess title.

    The other confirmed players in the

  3. Korchnoi Mirrored Sunglasses, 1978 World Chess championship

    For their first game, Korchnoi wore mirrored sunglasses to hide his eyes from Karpov’s stare, which had bothered him in a previous match. Karpov complained that the mirrors reflected the light into his eyes. Karpov also requested that Korchnoi’s chair be examined for “prohibited devices” (presumably the mind-zapping kind) and distracted his opponent by swiveling in his own chair during games.

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